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CRAZY IDEA: Will the Super Bowl be held outside the US soon?

CRAZY IDEA: Will the Super Bowl be held outside the US soon?

Given the international growth, NFL boss Roger Goodell believes a Super Bowl outside the United States is conceivable in the future. “We have already discussed hosting the Super Bowl in other countries. There is currently not much support for this idea. But we don’t rule it out for the future. “Especially when we have international rights,” Goodell told the German Press Agency.

“It’s more than just having the playoffs outside of the United States,” the 64-year-old said. The third game of the season on German soil is Sunday (3:30pm/RTL and DAZN) in Frankfurt. The New England Patriots take on the Indianapolis Colts.

Goodell wants to expand NFL games to “new markets” outside the United States

The American Football League has long given NFL fans around the world hope for more international sports. “We will do that. We will certainly expand our series to new markets. It’s a question of where we go first,” Goodell said. The success of the Games in London and Germany has attracted the attention of other countries. We’re coming.”

The NFL also relies on European teams to make the league better known internationally. “It will happen. “We know the fans want European franchises, so we’re trying to figure out how we can make that happen,” Goodell said, without giving a specific timeframe.

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“Frankfurt and Munich would be good places for a European franchise because they have done a good job and impressed us. But I think we still have a long way to go.” (dpa/js)

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