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China: The US has reportedly been hacking Huawei since 2009.

China: The US has reportedly been hacking Huawei since 2009.

Gromchte’s back-and-forth around Huawei continues. The Chinese government now accuses the United States of carrying out targeted attacks on servers owned by telecom giant Huawei for at least 14 years and hiding loopholes in American technology.

Evidence so far is sparse

In a WeChat post on Wednesday, China’s Ministry of State Security said it had identified “several despicable methods used by US secret services” to carry out hacking and cyber espionage. As early as 2009, Huawei began hacking into servers at its headquarters, and has since carried out various surveillance activities.

China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center detected spyware allegedly developed by the NSA called “Second Date” in a cyber attack on Xi’an Provincial Polytechnic University last year. “Second Date” is spy malware that the NSA uses to “conduct covert operations on thousands of networks around the world.” Nikki Asia Further.

In its WeChat post, China’s Ministry of State Security said the U.S. government had forced several large, internationally operating technology companies to install backdoors in a variety of software, applications and hardware devices to allow access to sensitive, classified data from countries. Like China and Russia.

Of course, the authorities have not released any concrete evidence for these claims. Chinese authorities recently ordered their employees to stop bringing Apple devices such as iPhones or iPads to their workplaces. This is due to alleged findings about security gaps in the devices, although no details have been released. The “Apple ban” no longer applies only to Chinese government officials, but also to regional companies.

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  • China accuses US of targeting Huawei
  • Claims of cyber espionage and theft since 2009
  • NSA Spyware “Second Date” Found on Chinese Network
  • The US has reportedly hired tech firms to access the data
  • No concrete evidence has been released for the allegations
  • Chinese authorities have banned the use of Apple devices
  • The “Apple ban” also applies to regional companies in China

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