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Chinese warship repels US destroyers

Chinese warship repels US destroyers

Status: 06/04/2023 10:52 am

Beijing has warned the US against meddling in a dispute over China’s claim to sovereignty over Taiwan. Earlier, a Chinese warship pushed aside a US destroyer in the Taiwan Strait. Beijing talks about provocation.

Chinese and US warships clash in Taiwan Strait. A Chinese naval ship “safely” approached the US destroyer USS Chung-hun, the US military said on Saturday. According to the US Indo-Pacific Command, the Chinese vessel overtook the US destroyer by about 140 meters and then turned back a short distance.

The US military “USS Chung-Hoon” maintained its course but slowed down to “avoid collision”. The ship sailed through the Taiwan Strait with a Canadian warship.

China’s military exercises with warplanes, ships and artillery shells near Taiwan.

China: Patrols Provocation

Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu supported the Chinese side’s actions and blamed the US and its allies for the incident. They must take care of their own waters and airspace, he told an international security conference in Singapore. Countries should not seal off foreign territory and engage in their own business. He sees many ships and warplanes approaching China. “You’re not here for a quiet way. You’re here to provoke,” he added.

American ships routinely cross the strait between China and Taiwan, but rarely do so in the company of a friendly vessel. Tensions between China and the United States over the Taiwan issue have increased over the past few months. China considers Taiwan a breakaway territory belonging to the People’s Republic of China. The island republic of 23 million people has had an independent government for more than seven decades. Beijing wants to reunite Taiwan with the mainland — with military force if necessary. Time and again, China and the US have been conducting military exercises in the region.

Li warns against US intervention

The conflict is one of the topics of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore with hundreds of participants from more than 40 countries. There, Li warned the United States against getting involved in the dispute over Taiwan, and again threatened military action against the democratic island republic. “If anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will not hesitate for a second,” Li said. “We will not fear any adversary and will firmly defend our national sovereignty and territorial integrity regardless.”

General Li Shangfu described relations between China and the United States as “underachieving” since the beginning of diplomacy in 1979. In Singapore, Lee also rejected American requests to meet with his American representative, Lloyd Austin. The general criticized the US for providing arms and military training to Taiwan and improving relations with the Taipei government. Taiwan is China’s internal affairs and no one is allowed to interfere. Undermining Beijing’s one-China policy is dangerous. The minister said that “reintegration” was unstoppable.

He accused those seeking independence from Taiwan of undermining peace and stability.

America: Conflict can be devastating

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned China against military action against Taiwan at a security conference. “A cross-Strait conflict would be devastating,” Austin said. Such an increase would affect the global economy “in ways we cannot imagine”.

The United States opposed unilateral change to the status quo, Austin stressed. However, in his view, a conflict is imminent or inevitable. The United States is committed to maintaining peace and security in the Taiwan Strait, which is critical to global shipping. The Pentagon chief expressed concern over the lack of communication between the two superpowers, China and the United States. He added that open communication links are very important for the military and defense politicians. Pistorius said, “Now is the right time for negotiations.

Pistorius has warned against attacks Protection order

Union Defense Minister Boris Pistorius participates in the Shangri-La Dialogue. Against the backdrop of tensions in the Indo-Pacific, he called for the preservation of the rules-based international order wherever it is threatened. This includes the right to free navigation. Germany is ready to support all bilateral or multilateral confidence-building measures, the SPD politician said.

He mentioned exchange of information and observation of military exercises, inspection of military facilities and arms control agreements. “We need rule of law instead of rule of thumb.”