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“Goodbye Germany” Immigrants Caro and Andreas Robbins are drawn to America

“Goodbye Germany” Immigrants Caro and Andreas Robbins are drawn to America

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“Goodbye Germany” stars Caro and Andreas Robbins hail from Mallorca as the beer king for Ballerman. But instead of Malle, the immigrants suddenly reported from Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES – Caro (44) and Andreas Robbins (56) are undoubtedly the most famous faces. “Goodbye Germany.” They regularly show intimate insights into their lives in Mallorca on the Vox show. But now immigrants from America are reporting suddenly.

“Goodbye Germany” stars Caro and Andreas stress about “Iron Dinner”.

Caro and Andreas know all too well how difficult a migrant life really is. More recently, the two fitness buddies parted ways with their “iron dinner” tenants. They are completely overwhelmed by demand, Andreas explains in an interview with “It’s a monkey business! […] They ran around excitedly. Freedom means pressure and responsibility, especially on Mallorca. Because they are U. Gerkins had miscutLast year there was a scandal.

Now all that’s left for Caro and Andreas is their gym – and therefore plenty of time. They are now using it for US travel. It was the first crossing of the Atlantic for Garrow. “I’m dying of excitement,” the blonde revealed just before taking off. He is later seen happily posing next to a Rolls Royce on Rodeo Drive.

Caro and Andreas Robbins in Los Angeles
Caro and Andreas Robens enjoying their time in America © Instagram: caroline_andreas_robens

Caro and Andreas Robbins have a new business idea

Visiting the so-called Muscle Beach in Los Angeles: An item Robbins didn’t want to miss on the program. The fitness boom began in 1934 with an outdoor gym. As reported by Mallorca Zeitung, Caro and Andreas have been planning a similar project in Mallorca for some time in Playa de Palma. Who better suited for this than two fitness freaks, Caro and Andreas Robbins?

The Messerschmidt family is also planning a big project. “Goodbye Germany” Immigrants Are Building XXL Villas in Portugal Sources used:;;

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