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CHIP's E-Book Reader: #1 on the list of best books on offer

CHIP’s E-Book Reader: #1 on the list of best books on offer

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition outperforms the competition and takes first place on the leaderboard.

The Amazon Kindle model provides excellent performance in converting and uploading books. In the test, it only took 0.4 seconds to turn a page in an e-book.

The new Kindle e-reader comes with 32GB of memory. The 6.8-inch screen is beautifully sharp with its 1,264 x 1,680-pixel high resolution — the screen is like paper.

With an impressive battery life of over 100 hours of backlit reading, Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition shows the competition where the hammer lies. And if the e-book reader runs out of power, the device can be fully recharged via the cable in about 126 minutes. The Kindle also scores points in terms of equipment: automatic dimming light and wireless charging are enabled, and the case is IPX8 water-resistant.

But the test winner also has weaknesses, albeit small ones here: We didn’t like the missing touch keyboard and the reliance on Amazon when choosing an ebook.

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