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Chips shortage: Thousands of Daimler employees working short hours

Due to global delivery bottlenecks for critical electronic components, Daimler Motors Corporation again sent thousands of employees to two German sites on short-term business this week. Employees at Mercedes’ factories in Rastatt and Bremen were affected, the group confirmed today. According to the German news agency (dpa), Daimler did not mention the numbers.

The short-time job application is initially submitted by the end of the week, but does not extend to entire locations. In Bremen, a significant part of the staff is affected, in Rastatt it concerns sub-districts. This had already been reported by the Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter-Nachrichten.

More than 12,000 people work at the Bremen factory and about 6,500 people work in Rastatt. According to Daimler, shifts will also be canceled this week at the plant in Kecskemet, Hungary, where about 4,700 people work. Employees at these three and other Daimler sites have been temporarily put on short-term business repeatedly in the past few months.

The background to this is global problems with refurbishing electronic chips, which have forced other car companies to repeatedly boycott production for weeks.

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