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Chris Hemsworth: Filming Vienna and how he raises his children

Chris Hemsworth: Filming Vienna and how he raises his children

Are you a strict father?
For that, yes. My wife and three children and I love sitting together on the big comfy sofa, but I keep a close eye on the number of minutes they watch TV.
I am so fortunate to be married to a woman, full of love and intelligence, who raises children to be friendly and compassionate people. We both value giving them security and love to thrive, but also make sure they know their impact on others, and the contribution they have to make in the world. Kindness, understanding and empathy are qualities we try to embody. And they are wonderful children.

Back to the movie: Tyler Rake must be very physically demanding.
The director had six months to prepare for the first part, but I only got the role two or three weeks ago and had to learn combat choreography. I wish there were two or three months. We didn’t waste a single second on rehearsals, and even during the shooting we were rehearsing during the breaks. I’ve never worked hard, and I’ve never been physically challenged. And I loved him. He was tiring but also very sick.

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