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Christian Dolezal: “Your injury is serious”

Christian Dolezal: “Your injury is serious”

The Hague actor and director Christian Dolezal chose the “biggest and most important theme” for his first cabaret solo – Thursday’s premiere at the Rabenhof: love.

The cook

Dolezal: “Everyone strives to allow love into their lives and fails because of the most ridiculous flaws. No discipline is more important than having a relationship.” He quoted a line from the show: “Love is the chef that does the most harm in the world.”

Why the title “lack of heart”? Dolezal: “Sometimes you let yourself fall into something recklessly and naively – and then you’re surprised that you survive as a seriously injured person.”

All of the stories he tells on stage are real and have happened: “Either I experienced them myself or they are stories from my circle of acquaintances. But I won’t name any real names. There are characters like ‘clever, annoying ex-girlfriend Louisa’ or ‘farmer W.’ or ‘transvestites’. produce.”

Not the only fool

There was talk of a “serious injury” – is that funny then? Dolezal, who describes himself as “completely sore now,” smiles: “It’s funny how ridiculous these flaws thwart the love project. It showed my weakest, most ridiculous side. I tried the show on a small set – and the audience rocked with laughter. It’s obviously good that You know you’re not the only idiot in the world.”

Everyone has an “ever-increasing longing” for love: “Relationships can bring you down, but you can’t do without them either, or you’ll just get weird and lonely. You want eyes like yours to look at you—at least sometimes.”

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open your heart

The director is veteran Paul Harather. Dolezal: “I play everything Paul every day – and he gives me good advice. He guides me so I can get the right curve. He’s a huge expert and specializes in comedy. He likes the same weird and inappropriate humor that I do, and the oddities of being human.”

How does Dolezal judge himself on his script? “It’s the most humble cabaret show ever—no one ever sacrifices themselves. I don’t like feel-good solo artists. I’d rather open my heart.” Looks like a great evening.