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“Teenage Girls Become Mothers” – Kirsten: Scott “Periodically”

“Teenage Girls Become Mothers” – Kirsten: Scott “Periodically”

Pee Gate and Period: With Scott and Kirsten, the world’s most natural things lead to arguments. While daughter Milena urgently needs to go to the toilet, Mama Kristen presses the tone. Scott does not like it at all, because in fact he has to go to work. Is the relationship on the brink?

Kristen and Scott are having a fun morning. While Scott has to go to work, Kirsten wants to go to the playground with her daughter, Melina. But shortly after her arrival, the following mess is announced: Melina has to “take a walk.”

“Where am I supposed to pee?”

“Oh, my God,” the 30-year-old runs away. Soon she ordered her daughter to go “behind the bush.” But it won’t be as easy as Kirsten thought. “Look, there are a lot of stones,” the young mother complains sadly. “Where am I supposed to pee with you?” The despair does not last long, as Christine quickly finds a solution – Scott.

“Baby, can you help for a moment? I can’t hold her” and the 26-year-old is called into service. The good friend silently moves on to the peeing task. For him, however, the project is “inconvenient anyway”.

Scott “vomits”

But it turns out that small businesses are big necessities. This can only be done at home. Although Scott should already go to work, Kirsten sends him on the way home. Scott, on the other hand, has had enough as he addresses Kirsten: “It bothers me so much.” On the other hand, Christine does not see it as her fault: “You don’t have to let me do that, mister.” “Of course it’s your fault,” Scott replies, annoyed.

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For the 30-year-old, her boyfriend’s behavior shows only one thing: “You see again who the adults of us are.” Kirsten also has an explanation for Scott’s mood at the ready: “He also has his period, somewhere in there in his head.”

What they love each other teases each other – but they don’t agree if it applies to them. “We just tease each other,” Scott says. On the other hand, Kirsten comes to a difficult conclusion: “So you don’t love me, do you?”. Unmasked and upset, Scott mutters: “Yeah, I do anyway.” “If you don’t love me anymore, you have to tell me about it. (…) Then I’ll look for a new love,” Kirsten says coldly. Is the sectarian couple separated? Or could the two coexist again?

The decision is available on “Teenager will be mother” every Thursday at 8:15pm on ATV and on live ZAPPN.