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Christian Ebenbauer after the ruling on licensing the German League: "Austria's qualitative leap"

Christian Ebenbauer after the ruling on licensing the German League: “Austria’s qualitative leap”

First division decisions have been made: Austria Vienna is the only club in the Bundesliga that has not been granted a license for next season, while clubs Wacker Innsbruck and SKN St. Polten are also rejected in the second division. However, Bundesliga CEO Christian Ebenbauer is satisfied and talks about a “good result”.

All of these clubs will protest normally and want to submit the required documents later. “First of all, we always want everyone to be approved. But we have three clubs being held. Given the epidemic and the development of recent years, the result is still good,” Eppenbauer said. No and noAn optimistic interview.

In addition, Young Violet, who is linked to Austrian Vienna, has to worry about his future in the second division. Looking back, Ebenbauer sees a clear improvement in the situation in the Viennese traditional club: “If we think about the situation in Austria a year ago, this is a quantum leap in terms of how well everything works. We are talking about the fact that the season should already be planned from July 2022 to June 2023 – this is clearly not going to happen overnight. As far as I know, the situation is already much better than it was a year ago.”

In addition to a fine of 20 thousand euros, the “violets” also have to calculate a four-point deduction next season if they continue to obtain the license. Ebenbauer replied: “The sanction procedure for late submission of the test report is a preliminary ruling. I suppose Austria will also file a protest against this ruling.”

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Ebenbauer: “I hope Wacker finishes the season right”

It’s even more difficult for Wacker Innsbruck: “Unfortunately, we’ve all been through the past few weeks. Unfortunately, the financial gap for Wacker Innsbruck is a little bigger based on the second division. But there is still a chance here within the next eight days that it meets the criteria.”

At Wacker, there is also a risk that the club may not even be able to finish the current season. “This is a key point. We are in daily contact with Wacker Innsbruck. Today we received positive news that the next home match can take place properly. The aim of the license is to ensure that the game runs throughout the season. We are striving for that and hopefully,” said the Bundesliga president. That the club finish the season correctly.”

The negative ruling in the St. Polten case was also surprising. Ebenbauer has few concerns from the Lower Austrians: “I’m sure the club can still provide the evidence needed to obtain the licence. The fact that it was not enough in the first place is due to the budget. But I think hopefully the hard work can be done positively.”

Again no relegation in the second degree?

It may also be complicated with the number of participants in the second section. Four clubs (Stripping, First Vienna, Hertha Wels and Sturm Amateure) have received the license and are theoretically allowed to advance. This means there could be two promotion teams from Regionalliga Ost and Mitte this year.

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In the meantime, the current second-tier clubs, who are fighting a relegation battle, can hope. Due to the fact that there will be a shortage of second-tier teams in the “worst case scenario”, it is also possible to envision a scenario without relegation this year.

“We always want everything to be decided on the field. We have known the problem for years, it affects not only the second division, but also the leagues below, especially the regional leagues. Basically, we want the sports champions also want to get a promotion. However, from the point of view of the club in question it is also clear whether this is feasible for them and whether it will pay off. I would like to cite the example of Lafnitz – the club announced very early last season as leader Christian Ebenbauer made it clear that they would not be promoted because this One size is too big. It is up to us, the state associations, UEFA, to build a football pyramid where the sports climber also wants to move to the next higher league.”