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Christmas gift: Andreas Gabaler invites nursing staff to shows

Christmas gift: Andreas Gabaler invites nursing staff to shows

Updated Dec 24, 2021 at 5:02pm

  • At Christmas, Andreas Gaballier gives gifts to the people who have worked hard this year – the hospital and the nursing staff.
  • The singer wants to invite employees to his summer concerts.

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Andreas Gaballier would like to give back this Christmas. That’s why he plans to make the hospital and nursing staff happy with the festival.

As he did in an interview with “Kronen Zeitung” He says he wants to “invite a few hundred” to each of his summer parties. “These guys have been on the front lines for two years,” he says. “If we can take their worries off for at least a few hours, that’s great.”

On Christmas 2021, the pop singer wishes “people will become more sane again.” “There can be no demonstrations even in front of hospitals,” he asserts. “Some people should think about that.”

Christmas is “always important” to Austrians. “It was very traditionally celebrated in my family,” the 37-year-old explains. It was not always this way: in 2006 and 2008 he lost his father and sister. At that time, the festival of love was “terrible” and he hoped that time would pass quickly, recalls Andreas Gaballier.

Andreas Gaballier looks forward to Christmas with his mum

He’s spending Christmas Eve this year with his family with his mom: “There’s a cream cheese shake there,” the musician told the newspaper “today”. “And since there should be no pressure on anyone, everything was prepared the day before, cut into small pieces and a table-table.”

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For his fans, he posted a video on Instagram of him performing the classic “White Christmas”. In it he says, “Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.” “I miss you so much and look forward to next year.”

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