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Class evening – from waltz to chamber music

Class evening – from waltz to chamber music

The summer class lecture for flute class Birgit Karruh took place at the Theatal Music School in Oberndorf near Rabs/Thaya on May 13th.

The Flute Ensemble opened the gala evening entitled “Summer” from the opera “Porgy and Bess” by George Gershwin. Chamber pieces adorned the rich program, and each student could perform in a trio formation. Sometimes Florian Biffle and Isolde Ernst would perform an Irish piece “Amazing Grace” and a Caribbean waltz with their teacher. Clara Pöppel, in her first year learning to play the flute, has made her tremendous progression over the past few months with an arrangement of “Don Giovanni”, which is played up to the third octave. A small peculiarity was that the students were free to choose solo pieces for their performance, except for those currently being prepared for the upcoming entrance examination, also known as a performance badge. These are performing a musical performance from their exam programmes. The audience listened patiently and gave reassuring applause for the final meters of the training process. Songs like Billy Joel’s “Honesty” set the atmosphere, and Anna Appeltauer managed to shine with a clean, soulful performance. Julianne Müller is influenced by the rhythmic gracefulness of the jazz ballad “Blues for Luis” by Tilman Dehnhard. After Annika Zwickl, Lena Marie Heidel and Barbara Gutkas were praised for their debut performance badge, Kirsten Ringel ended her evening of lectures with Trio op. 31 by Leonhard von Kohl, a contemporary of Mozart. For her upcoming final exam on flute, she is currently rehearsing the performance routine and playing the rehearsal as much as she can.

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Barbara Gutkas, Julian Müller, Florian Biffel, Katharina Weitz, Anika Zwickl, Clara Poppel, Lisa Doran, Kirsten Ringel are students of Rapp, Isolde Ernst studies in Japan, Nora Hutterer belongs to the group of students from Drossendorf and Lena Marie Heidel Anna Appeltauer belongs to students Music by Ludweis-Aigen.