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TschirgArt Jazz Festival 2023: Fantastic finale with EDMUND as crowd attraction

TschirgArt Jazz Festival 2023: Fantastic finale with EDMUND as crowd attraction

IMST (alra). The best comes last – that’s what die-hard EDMUND fans who had to wait until the last day of TschirgArt Festival believe. After Milow’s big international act, the most sought-after local representatives of the young Austropop scene took the stage on May 13 at approximately 9:30 p.m. The founding duo has now grown into a five-piece band that has not only sensationally broken into the charts. The mood was boiling at the sold-out Glenthof at Imst – 1,200 fans celebrated the line-up’s live show.

Since 2017, both on guitar and vocals, Roman Messner and Markus Kadinsky have been together on musical paths that soon led directly to success. The name EDMUND came from the “Mundl” series and is understood as a tribute to a typical Viennese joke, which is considered cult. EDMUND’s music also seems to have cult potential. The band has provided the scene with a veritable deluge of hits and four albums in recent years. The debut album “Freindschoft” hit number four in the Austrian album charts in 2018, and like the second album “Leiwand” it achieved gold status. A third album followed in 2022 with “Ven” and it went straight to number one. With 30 million streams of their songs on Spotify and nearly 40 million views on YouTube, the Accents band’s success is also impressively documented in numbers.

Attractive quality songs

A mix of hard pop with a bit of rock, a handful of ballads and fast-paced mood makers, and above all, the heart-to-heart themes meet with wide approval. Singing is a must – at least in Glenthof in Imst everyone was in the saddle when it came to singing songs about love, friendship, sensibilities and things that move the heart and soul in the Austrian dialect. The words “Zam oid wearn”, “Prinzessin”, “Die Blonde mitn Mittlscheitl”, “Schatzi”, “Beste Zeit” and “Gib ned auf” could not be missing as encouragement or enlightenment for the mood or moments of feeling good vocally.

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Loved by fans

EDMUND delivered music that touches people, a realistic message that reaches many and is as rugged as it is modern and fresh in an impressive stage show. It never got applause for this, and the invitation to appear came several times – and the band also showed plenty of closeness to their impressively strong fan base and played long overtime after the obligatory performance.

This was the end of a major event – the 20th TschirgArt Jazz Festival, which also provided an event platform away from jazz with an open program concept. Last but not least, to address a wide target group. The hip hop scene as well as rock, pop and cabaret filled the event hall in 2023 with a huge and very enthusiastic audience. Once again, Imst has become the meeting place for international, national and regional acts as well – from superstars to newcomers, ArtClub Imst is welcomed into a well-groomed atmosphere equipped to the highest standard. congratulations! Here’s to the next 20 years full of highlights – may they be carried so well and steadily through the remarkable tenacity of the organizers and a heightened cultural awareness which we hope will continue in all generations.