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“Classes for the disabled”: The La Liga Party candidate raises a scandal

“Classes for the disabled”: The La Liga Party candidate raises a scandal

The controversial general and candidate of the ruling Italian League party in the European Union parliamentary elections, Roberto Fanacci, is sparking heated discussions. In an interview with the daily newspaper La Stampa (Saturday issue), he called for the introduction of separate school classes for disabled students. Separate school classes for the disabled are “not discriminatory,” Fanacci said. The 55-year-old said students with disabilities should be referred to specialists.

“I am not an expert on disabilities, but these people need specific help. I certainly would not allow a disabled person to run alongside a standard runner in the 100 meters (…), but in my opinion the school should be strict and selective, because this is Life. “At least that's how my life was,” Vanachi explained.

Mussolini, abortion, cross

The general also claimed that fascist dictator Benito Mussolini was a “statesman.” “Mussolini was a statesman, like all men who have held public office. “That's what the dictionary says,” said the general. Fanacci also commented on the issue of abortion, which is currently being violently debated in Italy: “I believe that abortion is an unfortunate necessity that forces women to have With it. “I don’t think this is right.”

Regarding the issue of immigration, the League Party candidate said that, in his opinion, there is a big problem represented by illegal immigration. “I do not believe in a multicultural society because it contradicts the idea of ​​homeland,” Fanacci said. He called for hanging the cross in all classrooms. “Personally, I am not particularly religious, but the cross is a symbol of our culture,” the general said.

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His words sparked heated discussions. The Vice President of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Francesco Savino, warned of the danger of “ghetto classes” for the disabled appearing again, as happened in the past in Italy. “Fanacci’s statements remind us of the darkest times in our history. Segregated classes reproduce slums,” the bishop said. On the contrary, the “inevitable” goal of the Italian school is “full integration” of students with disabilities,” the bishop said.