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Pope Francis visits the Venice Art Biennale

Pope Francis visits the Venice Art Biennale

Pope Francis is expected to attend the Venice Art Biennale on Sunday. On the island of Giudecca, he will meet, among other things, about 80 inmates in a women's prison. The Holy See set up its Biennale Pavilion in the detention center, the Vatican News Portal reported. This is the first time that the Pope has visited the great exhibition of contemporary art, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every two years.

The artworks displayed at Giudecca were created in dialogue with captive women. The artists commissioned by the Vatican did a lot to make their reality understandable to an audience that had never been in prison before. The pavilion is called “Con i miei occhi” (“With my eyes”). Anyone wishing to visit must register via the website, where four groups of 25 people each are accepted daily. The 60th session of the Art Biennale opened on April 20 and continues until November 24.

The 87-year-old Pope will travel from Rome to Venice by helicopter in the morning. After visiting the prison, he will take a motorboat to the main island in the beach town. There he will first meet with young people and then celebrate the Divine Mass in St. Mark's Square.

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