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Classic in the Snow |

Classic in the Snow |

Winter is back! Reason enough to trace ice and snow into music history. Antonio Vivaldi actually froze – and as a result, according to degrees, the winter became more and more bleak.

Excerpts from the following recordings can be heard:

Antonio Vivaldi: From Concerto in G Minor “Dear Winter”
alice f Nicholas HarnoncourtConsentus Musicus (Tildec)

Joseph Hayden: We recall from “Creation”, Part One
Walter Perry – Berlin Philharmonic OrchestraAnd Herbert von Karajan

Franz Schubert: “Spring Dream” from “The Winter Journey”
Jonas Kaufmann – Helmut Deutsch (Sony)

Giacomo Puccini: The beginning of the third scene of “La Boheme”
Berlin Philharmonic, Herbert von Karajan

Giacomo Puccini: Duet from Act 2 of “La fanciulla del West”
Eleonore Stieber, Mario del Monaco Orchestra of Maggio Music – Dimitri Mitropoulos (Regis)

Richard Wagner: Introduction to the Valkyrie Orchestra
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Hans Knapperzbusch

Richard Strauss: Countess Dialogue and Countess Waldner from “Arabella”
Ira Malaniuk and Otto Edelmann – Wiener PhilharmonicGeorge Solti

Alban Berg: Beginning of Issue 1 of the op. “Altenberg-Lieder” 4
London Symphony Orchestra, Claudio Abbado

Hans and Haines: Interlude from “Elegy for Young Lovers”
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra – HW Henzi

Georgy Sviridov: Waltz echo from “Blizzard”
Moscow Radio Orchestra – Vladimir Fedoseev

Label, unless otherwise noted: Universal

About the new podcast:

Music critic “Press” Wilhelm Sienkovic He introduces his favorite recordings and invites us to dig through his classical collection with him and delve into the mysteries of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and others. Podcast for experts and beginners.

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Produced by: Wilhelm Sinkovicz /
Audio finish: Georg Gfrerer /
Editing/Pregnancy: Anna Wallner
Graphic: David Jablonski.

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