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First-class guests at the 80th Ball at the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

First-class guests at the 80th Ball at the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Wiener Musikverein finally transformed into one of the most beautiful ballrooms in the world at the Vienna Philharmonic Ball on Thursday night.

Conducted by the maestro as a “debutante”. Andres Nilsson At the opening, the program included a performance of the operetta “Light Cavalry”. And there was another premiere. At the first orchestral ball in 1924, Richard Strauss composed his own fanfare, which is played every year as part of the opening.

This time the exceptional American artist took over John Williams (Several Oscar and Grammy winners have written the soundtrack for “Star Wars”), who composed the song “Fanfare for Vienna Philharmonic Ball” as a sign of the close relationship and this was premiered on the site. “I love it,” says Baritone. “I’m a fan of Star Wars and it shows how classic modern it is.” Clemens Unterreiner.

She also dances wonderfully: opera singers Anna Netrebko, Ministers Caroline Edstadler And Susan RaabAdvisor Carl Nehammer with the wife CatherineWho preferred a midnight blue lace dress Atil Kutoglu wear. By the way, the dress will be auctioned for a good reason. By the way, for Nehammer the first Philharmonic ball was as a consultant: “At such times it is also good to have fun now and then, and balls are a good opportunity for this.”

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