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Goldbär for “” "golden note."

Goldbär for “” “golden note.”

For the first time, the “Goldene Note” Classical Music Award will provide a glamorous TV evening atmosphere. ORF 2 will be moderated by Thomas Gottschalk. The most prominent young talents will be selected to play the piano, cello and violin on May 21st.

to Christian Udy | 2.32 PM, 20 April 2021

Thomas Gottschalk directs the Young Talent Award in Classical Music presentation process, initiated by Leona Koenig © ORF

He brought the DSDS (Germany looking for the star) behind him with dignity in May Thomas Gottschalk (70) Performing a TV Show in Austria for the first time in eleven years; Finally, he welcomed audiences from Salzburg as part of his “Wetten, dass.?” Edition. I am 21 years old The ORF production comes out Golden Note From Vienna on screen. A fan of classical music, Gottschalk was not present at the press conference with Head of Entertainment at ORF and Director of ORF 2, Alexander Hoover, but with his usual joke, let’s say, “I had to live twice as long. Wolfgang Amadeus MozartUntil ORF finally called and asked me: Would you like to host the “Goldene Note 2021”? “

His answer to the ORF He immediately came: “Of course I want! We hope to see each other at ORF 2 on May 21!” He explained in the welcome message: “We’ll talk about that, I promise!” The broadcast will be recorded a week before that.

reconsidering: Since 2017, the International Music Association for the Advancement of Talented Children and Young People (IMF) has been organizing the “Golden Note” Classical Music Award every year under the supervision of its initiator and president Leona Koenig. Be at the ORF party Nine young talents between the ages of seven and 17Accompanied by the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Rossen Gergoff, they demonstrate their skills on the piano, violin or cello.

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More than 50 young artists applied, 28 of them entered the pre-selection (the expert jury was made up of members from the most important music institutions and universities of music in Austria), and nine are now on the big TV stage. These nine talents It will be next Monday (May 26) Gifts. However, three come from Styria and one from Carinthia.

The viewing stage “Starmania” is used for this Adapted in ORF Center (Pop casting format final May 7). On 250 square meters of theater area with 210 square meters of operable LED area, illuminated by 600 spotlights and captured by 21 cameras, an elegant and elegant environment will be created for the heroes of the Golden Note. About a four-member jury crew Dominic Mayer Whoever will comment on and rate the performances, ORF and Leona König remain silent.

Economic and charitable woman, who has been working since December 2020 Leona King (39), who was born in the Czech Republic, is the author and presenter of the monthly cultural show “Stars and Talents by and With Leona Koenig” on ORF III, in which talented young artists and famous stars enter into a musical exchange.