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Climate activists stick to Goya’s paintings in Madrid

Two climate activists have framed two famous paintings by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya at the Prado Museum in Madrid. On the wall between “The Naked Maja” and “The Clothed Maja” they wrote “+1.5 C,” as evidenced by the video images. The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement sets a goal of stopping global warming at 1.5 degrees if possible, thereby preventing the worst consequences of the climate crisis. However, it is now likely that the climate will warm up faster.

The two young women were wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Futuro Vegetal”. According to their own statements, this group is fighting the climate crisis by advocating farming with only plant-based products.

In other European countries too, activists stuck themselves to the plates or sprinkled food on them before the 27th World Climate Conference, which starts tomorrow in Egypt, like the Barberini Museum in Potsdam, where mashed potatoes were thrown at Monet’s painting. None of the paintings was damaged because they were protected by glass.

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