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Deportation center riots: Asylum policy puts pressure on Downing Street

Deportation center riots: Asylum policy puts pressure on Downing Street

Rioting broke out at the deportation center in Heathrow on Friday evening. Then an armed group gathered in the center’s courtyard on Saturday. A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior stated that the police and law enforcement agencies are present immediately. The possible cause of the riots could be a power outage. But hours later, it was not clear whether the two events were related. The Guardian reported that about 100 detainees took part in the protest.

The incident comes at a time when the British government is under fire for its treatment of migrants. Initially, the focus was on an initial reception facility in the county of Kent on the English Channel. Overcrowding and unacceptable conditions made headlines there.

Asylum seekers left to their own devices

At the centre, which is actually designed for just 1,600 people, there are currently an estimated 3,500 people, as the British Secretary of State for Immigration, Robert Jenrick, admitted in an interview with Sky News.

The government has been contacted about the upcoming judicial review. Jenrick said the camp should “quickly become an effective, law-compliant center again.”

REUTERS/Henry Nichols

Before Heathrow, the focus was on the Kent County Detention Center

According to media reports, a young girl threw a message in a bottle over the fence, in which she said that pregnant and sick women in the camp are in dire need of help.

There has also been an uproar outside the camp: According to a report from the Guardian, about a dozen asylum seekers who were due to be resettled in new housing to their own devices on Tuesday evening at London’s Victoria Station were left without information, supplies or new. Tabuk.

Braverman in focus

Since taking over as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Home Secretary Braverman has almost always had to fend for herself. First, she was accused of various violations of ministerial security rules.

Manston Detention Center

IMAGO / ZUMA Wire / Tayfun Salci

Suila Braverman

Sunak stood by her and spoke of a “second chance” because Braverman admitted her mistake. It is now under pressure because of the asylum policy that originated from previous governments.

However, Braverman is considered a hardliner on asylum issues and spoke of an “invasion” on the southern coast of Great Britain. She was accused of inciting hatred. After several British ministers repeatedly blamed Albanian immigrants for the surge in asylum seekers in Great Britain, Albanians also resisted. Prime Minister Edi Rama accused London of arresting Albanian nationals over failed immigration policies.

So far this year, more than 38,000 people have crossed the English Channel into Great Britain – far more than the entire previous year. The conservative government wants to fly migrants to Rwanda, regardless of their refugee status.

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