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Climate change: pictures to be shaken –

Climate change: pictures to be shaken –


In Dornbirn, a public photo exhibition will draw attention to climate change from Monday. Images showing the effects of extreme weather events in the Alpine region are displayed on three LED screens. The exhibition organizers want to encourage people to think.

The consequences of climate change can also be clearly seen in Vorarlberg. This was shown, for example, by heavy rains and floods in the summer. “It’s from five to twelve and we can see it with our eyes if we just open it. We have to do something now and reduce our emissions. Everyone can make a contribution,” says Evelyne Spöttl from the KlimaVOR association. He created the photo gallery with the “Camera Club Sparkasse Bregenz” and the association “ Naturfreunde Dornbirn”.

Wilfred Schneider

The effects of the climate crisis on Vorarlberg are visible in the images presented.

Ten photos by four photographers

Ten images by four photographers from Vorarlberg were selected from more than 150 submissions. It can now be seen on LED screens in Dornbirn Town Hall, in the Match Gallery and at the Trade Fair as well as on display at the Dornbirn Town Hall Bus Station. “We want to use cutting-edge artistic imagery to draw attention to the known negative consequences of the climate crisis and to stimulate thinking,” says Spöttl. The exhibition runs until December 11th.

Climate crisis pictures

Evelyn Spotl

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