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Climate forecast for US and China: A step with great potential

Status: 11.11.2021 02:25 am

At the climate conference, the United States and China issued a surprisingly joint declaration, both of which have dedicated themselves to additional climate protection measures. The audience is talking about a significant step – if it is actually taken.

At the climate conference in Glasgow, China and the United States released a surprising joint statement on climate protection. Two major climate sinners speak out in support of further efforts and announce the establishment of a permanent commission to co-operate in this field.

Beijing’s climate ambassador Xie Chenhua says that when it comes to climate protection, we are more united than divided. Both sides recognize that there is a gap between the current efforts and the goals of the Paris Agreement. “That’s why we want to intensify joint efforts to accelerate the transition to a greener and CO2-free future.”

The exchange of technologies should help

John Kerry, his American colleague, later said: “We are not really hungry for differences. But when it comes to climate, cooperation is the only way to success.” They want to collectively promote concrete climate protection for the coming decade and rapidly control greenhouse gas emissions – through the exchange of technologies.

Through this collaboration, we expect to move faster in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And the only way to get there is to exchange climate protection technologies.

This is the first step in closing the gap between ambition and reality under the Paris Agreement, which, according to Kerry, “we still have a long way to go.”

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The proclamation itself is a significant step

The description is not very specific. It is noteworthy that they are. Both sides noted that they had worked for several months on the declaration. Negotiations have now come to an end. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres welcomed the report on Twitter:

To combat climate change, we need cooperation and solidarity. This is an important step in the right direction.

German Secretary of the Environment J ஜோssen Blaspharth responded: “This is indeed good news. It is our hope that China will now face this responsibility and work with the United States to significantly reduce its own emissions.”

A remarkable step – if it is actually taken

Jennifer Morgan, president of Greenpeace International, puts the announcement in a big context, but calls for consequences.

If you think about the geopolitical situation and what is happening between these two countries, it is very important that they work together to combat the climate crisis. Seen in this way, this is an important step. But it will only be so significant if it really leads to greater climate protection.