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The United States is tightening controls on Huawei and ZTE

The United States is tightening controls on Huawei and ZTE


There was last hope Joe Biden. After he was elected the new US president, hope HuaweiThat he might have Android ban Its predecessor turns upside down.

The opposite is true: Python has one New law Signed and so on Limitations for Huawei and ZTE Massively again Tightened. With reference to the national security of the United States.

Accordingly, the U.S. Communications Commission, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Not new Equipment Licenses Exhibition for Huawei or ZTE. Until now, this has been possible with more holes and exceptions. Since 2018, the FCC has approved more than 3,000 Huawei applications in this way. Reuters reported.

Huawei and ZTE no longer have US licenses

This has now become impossible for Huawei, ZTE and 3 Chinese network equipment suppliers Network technology To be delivered to the United States. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr reveals himself “Safe Equipment Act 2021“Glad: this new law will ensure that Huawei’s and ZTE’s unsecured devices no longer fall into US communications networks,” Carr said. Quoted by Reuters.

China has criticized New law. The United States is abusing its power and there is no evidence to support its allegations. America’s national security is the only one ExcuseTo suppress Chinese companies, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

The law targets network equipment

First, “Safe Equipment Act 2021“about that Network equipment blocked From Huawei and ZTE. Including working with US companies regarding such electronics products Smartphones, Headphones Or Notebooks The impact is currently unknown.

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For example, you are allowed to use Huawei Qualcomm processors – An American company. However, there is related cooperation Non-5G components Limited. That aktuelle Huawei-smartphone Noah 9 Qualcomm has installed the Snapdragon 778G, which is only available for 4G networks.