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Climate posters block Vienna’s early traffic again from February 13 – Vienna – District 1

Climate activists announce a new “glue wave” in Vienna.

Starting on February 13, the next “sticky wave” of climate activists of the last generation will begin in Vienna. The goal is again to paralyze early traffic.

After a five-day “wave” in mid-January, campaigners around the “last generation” want to disrupt Vienna’s early traffic for several days from February 13 by holding onto the roads. “The actions are still not violent at all,” a spokesman told APA.

The last generation announced the new “glue wave” in Vienna

Not only did the actions in January cause much criticism from politicians, 52 arrests and more than 200 complaints, but it also seems to be a lot of encouragement for the “last generation”. “More than 300 people have filled out our contact form, and 70 to 80 of them are willing to stay on the street,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesman left open whether the proceedings in February would be the same as those in January. There was also no information about the exact duration.

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