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Neumer demands 2 billion euros from the European Union to build the Bulgarian border fence

Neumer demands 2 billion euros from the European Union to build the Bulgarian border fence

Objective news remained limited. ÖVP’s message: It calls for a radical restructuring of the European asylum system. Karner said the Schengen system is broken. “Therefore the Austrian veto remains in effect,” Nehammer said, calling for “a curb on asylum.”

What should you make your brake pads from? First and foremost from strong fence systems on the external borders of the European Union. Similar high-tech fences already exist on the Polish-Belarusian and Greek-Turkish borders: five meters high, five meters deep, equipped with radar, heat sensors and cameras.

Form alliances

According to the ÖVP, a similar model, complete with surveillance drones, is also planned to be built in Bulgaria. Nehammer stressed that Bulgaria needs two billion euros for this purpose. Austria is clearly on the side of Bulgaria here. We are allies in the fight against organized crime.

The problem: the EU Commission has not yet provided any funds for fencing systems from EU countries. At the European level, Austria – with the exception of Sweden, the Netherlands and, of course, Bulgaria – lacks allies.

Bulgaria’s barbed wire fence currently secures 234 of the 280-kilometre border with Turkey. It is damaged in several sections, starting to rust. Since it’s also a single row over long stretches, it can be easily overcome, according to experts. Video clips of migrants climbing the fence at night confirm this.

“We have strengthened the border protection system,” Radio said. In addition, additional soldiers have been sent to the border. “But I would like to point out that we are facing a strong and well-organised force,” Radio said of the smuggling mafia.

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