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Climate Strike Day in Gmund - 4th Waldviertel Climate Show: "Strength comes from youth!"

Climate Strike Day in Gmund – 4th Waldviertel Climate Show: “Strength comes from youth!”

Among others, singer Laura Lone (Kamhuber) from Amaliendorf and the duo Bangleon participated in the Global Climate Strike Day in Gmund. Pupils from HLW and two groups from BASOP Zwettl, the new middle school in Ottenschlag and HLUW Yspertal – which carried out the wardrobe analysis so that other schools also want to visit and do workshops – provided the support programme, which was trained together with teachers and different aspects of climate change. Each school has its own stand.

City square as a space for climate protection

The common interest is the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for Sustainable Development. The town square was temporarily converted into a kind of climate protection space, with the well-known awning strip in the middle, which also participated. Meanwhile, Gerald Hohenbechler represented the “Pro-FJB” initiative, Dietrich Waldmann of Waidhofen presented a twelve-page calendar with daily climate themes under the banner Step by Step Climate Fit (

As an important partner in efforts to protect the climate and principal sponsor of Climate Day, Sonnentor President Hannes Gutmann was also present.
The main organizer, Christian Oberlechner, was very satisfied with the way the event went, and next year he would also like to address schoolchildren from other regions. And in conclusion, he thanked the supporting companies and above all the participating students and their teachers, because: “Strength comes from youth!”

Link to Laura Lun’s performance: