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False fasting: It is behind the method of fasting

False fasting: It is behind the method of fasting

With a placebo fasting, you can continue to eat and benefit from the many benefits of traditional fasting. You can find out exactly how this works in this article.

fast It is said to have beneficial effects on our health in various ways. It is supposed to boost the regeneration of our cells and stop the aging processes. However, completely cutting out food during the classic therapeutic fasting and subsisting exclusively on tea, broths and juices is quite a challenge for many people.

Placebo fasting aims to reduce this hurdle: With this method of fasting, you can continue to eat. However, you cut your calorie intake by about half and put your body into fasting mode.

Where did the idea of ​​placebo fasting come from?

The founder of the Levantine fasting is the scientist and life researcher Professor Walter Longo from the University of Southern California in the United States of America. talking to him MDRYou have already gained experience with traditional therapeutic fasting and found the strict method of fasting very difficult. Then, about ten years ago, he began developing a replacement.

The idea for a placebo fast came to him when he designed a special fasting plan for cancer patients. With the body already so weakened by cancer, it’s hard to imagine giving up food completely.

However, according to Longo, fasting can also have a positive effect on the organism during chemotherapy. As a mediator, he established the concept of placebo fasting. He looked at how many calories we could eat and still put the body into fasting mode. His results show that we should cut calories for fake fasting by almost half.

This is how placebo fasting works

Fresh juices, soups, salads, as well as vegetable curries are on the menu for fake fasting.
Fresh juices, soups, salads, as well as vegetable curries are on the menu for fake fasting.
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On the first day, called a rest day, Longo recommends 1,100 calories. This is how you prepare your body for fasting. For the next four days, 800 calories in the program. After five days, you can slowly start increasing your calories again.

When fasting, you should eat only plant foods. Because animal foods give our bodies the “growth” signal. However, when fasting, the cells must get a break from the constant building processes. Sugar, white flour, and white rice are also taboo. Instead, Longo recommends vegetables, nuts And the legumes.

According to Longo, after two to three days, the body will switch to fasting mode. The body begins according to Geo Magazine with cell renewal. It thus “recycles” old and defective cells. This process is also called “autophagyKnown. Since our organism registers a lack of nutrients, cells are dependent on existing resources. They break down dead cell matter, defective structure proteins and entire cellular organelles such as mitochondria.

The body also automatically gets rid of potential pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Thus, autophagy is an effective method against infections and also helps reduce stress. Molecular biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi discovered this process. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery in 2016.

According to Longo, it is best to do a placebo fast for about five days every three months. For people with diabetes, he recommends the concept of fasting once a month. The big advantage over therapeutic fasting is that you don’t lose any muscle mass during a placebo.

False Fasting: You Can Eat This

With placebo fasting, you can organize your meals on your own. For example, GEO magazine recommends a vegan smoothie for breakfast and a vegan curry, soup or salad for lunch and dinner. It is only important that your calorie intake does not exceed about 800 calories. To ensure this, you can track your calories using apps or software, or use recipes designed specifically for fake fasting. Alternatively, you can also order a ready-made Fastenbox. This includes, for example, healthy sachet soup, bars, and vegetable crackers. You will then get a fixed quota for each day. However, these shows are accompanied by a lot of packaging waste.

You can also find recipes suitable for a week of fake fasting here, for example:

NB: Pregnant and lactating women, people with eating disorders, severe heart and kidney disease, cancer or any pre-existing illnesses should not fast or only fast under strict medical supervision.


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