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Climb EM: Bills 'excited' about new competition

Climb EM: Bills ‘excited’ about new competition

The station wagon starts at Königsplatz at 3pm (Live on ORF Sport+). First, you have to climb a four-rock tour, with two areas and the top waiting instead of the usual area and the top. If you solve all the tasks at once, you get 100 points, and 0.1 points are deducted for each failed attempt. In the lead from 5pm (Live on ORF Sport+), there are also 100 points to win, and the last 30 moves count.

The favorite in this field is the two-time European champion in Munich, Ganga Garnbriet. In its current form, the Slovenian can only defeat itself. But the Olympic champion also opens up new horizons. In Tokyo, the combo, including speed, still consisted of three disciplines, for Paris the format was adapted at the request of the athletes, but in the end they yearn for three individual decisions with a medal – but this is a dream for the future.

“It depends a lot on the path selection”

In general, it is baffling whether the methods will be similar in difficulty for individual decisions. The path selector indicated to Pilz that you have to build differently from a normal major competition, you have to use the rating system as a guide. The 25-year-old from Lower Austria did not tell what exactly is being built differently. “It’s a strong end field, and there are driving and rock specialists out there. I think a lot depends on the road setting,” said Beals.

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Group-leading competition must be built differently from a single decision

She was very satisfied with the way things were messed up in Munich, but the guys didn’t do well in The Rock. “If there is no summit, that is not good. It also becomes boring to the spectators when everyone is standing on the ground.” But she does not want to be in a road-marking appearance, especially in the rocks, it is very difficult to assess what is still possible.

Results are useful for later competitions

The results of the Munich squad will be useful for the following competitions, and the next tournament will follow at the World Cup in Japan in the fall. “It’s new to everyone, from competition to competition, there’s more to experience,” says Beals. It was the men’s turn on Thursday, represented by Austria in Bouldering, European champion Nikolai Oznik and veteran Jakob Schubert, who also wants to secure his precious metals in Bavaria.

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