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Kitzbühel: 12th Knabl in European Supersprint

Kitzbühel: 12th Knabl in European Supersprint


The future participants of the Olympic Games in Austria in the triathlon achieved two of the top 20 places at the European Supersprint Championships in Kitzbühel. Louis Knabel came in 12th, and Julia Hauser took 20th.

Both Austrians boycotted their high-altitude training camp in St. Moritz for the continental title fights at home, because of the program there in Tirol there was no liveliness when running.

Thirteenth place as a great success for Nabeul

For the men, the gold medal went to Swiss Max Studer after swimming the 500m, cycling the 12km and 3.1km in the modified EM classification, which was six seconds ahead of Spain’s Antonio Serratt Siwan, ahead of New Zealand’s Hayden Wild by 13km. 21 before the victory of the Frenchman Tom Richard, who took the bronze medal at the European Championships.

“It was so hard, there’s nothing like dreads, going full throttle. Thirteenth has been a huge success, as I am currently training entirely in Tokyo. Since we are currently only doing the range and nothing,” Knabel, who ranked 12th in EM, said. Quickly, the vitality is missing.Leon Bauger came in at 21st place (22nd overall) on the revised results list.

APA / EXPA / Johann Groder

Julia Hauser had come from the high-altitude training camp to race in Kitzbühel.

20th place: Julia Hauser from Vienna

Hauser was one minute behind German winner Laura Lindemann. The second place went to the Russian Valentina Riasua (+5 seconds), the third place for the French Leonie Perrault (+6) and the fourth place for the triathlon star Nicolas Spirig (Switzerland / +16). “I am happy with swimming and cycling, the race was ok. The run was hard for me. Already working fully towards the Olympic distance in preparation for the hike, I have already done more than 10 kilometers in training, I noticed that the speed was a little bit less.”

Magdalena Fruh in the triathlon in Kitzbühel

APA / EXPA / Johann Groder

Magdalena Froueh

Magdalena Farwa took fourth place in the final in

Lucas Holos, the candidate for Tokyo, won the final b, with Philip Bertel in sixth place, and Lucas Bertel ninth. In the women’s category, Magdalena Frueh took fourth place in the B final, and Therese Feuersinger came in 11th. Another Olympic participant, Lisa Perterer, will take part in the mixed EM teams competition, also known as the Tokyo Test, on Sunday.

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