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Climbers must pay a deposit to get to Mont Blanc

The mayor of Saint-Gervais, on the French side of Mont Blanc, has decided to make a deposit of 15,000 euros for climbers who want to climb the mountain. The mayor, Jean-Marc Bilix, complained that dozens of “pseudo-climbs” were ignoring the recommendation not to climb Mont Blanc via the usual French route due to the large avalanches associated with drought.

The bail of 15,000 euros that climbers have to post corresponds to the average cost of rescuing and burying the victim. In a press release published on Wednesday, the mayor complained that it was “unacceptable for the French taxpayer to bear these costs”.

The mayor stated that on July 30, four Romanian tourists in shorts headed to the summit. Then the rescue units on board the helicopter asked to return.

On July 3, 11 people died when a glacier broke through at the Marmolada in Trentino. Last week, the mayor of Kanazei municipality ordered the extension of the so-called red zone, which is no longer accessible. The reason for this is the possibility of instability in the niche of the rocks and the widening of many cracks, the statement said.

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