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Brexit: The British will decide as they did in 2016

Brexit: The British will decide as they did in 2016

Do people in Britain regret voting to leave the European Union seven years ago? According to a study, many people are dissatisfied with political developments since then – but most would make the same decision again as they did in the 2016 Brexit referendum. That’s the conclusion reached by UK think tanks under the headline ‘ A Changing Europe, Publics First” in an analysis published today.

Although many supporters see things not going well with Brexit, this does not necessarily mean they regret their decision. Only 16% of people surveyed who supported Brexit at the time would vote differently today. Conversely, six percent of opponents would vote for Brexit today.

4,000 people were surveyed online

Researcher Sophie Stowers said: “This report shows that many of the assumptions about Brexiteers who are now unhappy with the consequences are wrong.” It would be a stretch to assume that dissatisfaction with the implementation of Brexit will automatically lead people to prefer to remain in the EU or want Great Britain to return to the EU.

The study included around 4,000 people in the UK online from May 26 to June 2. The results were weighted, for example, by age, gender and religion. The corresponding schedules have already been published in the summer. In addition, a qualitative survey of five focus groups was conducted between May and September.

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