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Codename Kestrel: Alan Wake developer presents a new project

Codename Kestrel: Alan Wake developer presents a new project

Since the successful release of Alan Wake 2, developer Remedy has had a lot of hot irons in the fire. However, we will probably never see at least one of them again. As Remedy itself announced, the Kestrel project has been discontinued with immediate effect.

Since naming a treatment can be a little confusing, here's a quick explanation. Codename Kestrel was called Codename Vanguard until about a year ago. However, the developers restarted in 2023, a major publisher, Tencent, was brought on board, and the name was changed.

Codename Kestrel was intended to be a “distinctive multiplayer cooperative game” and may not have made it past an early stage of development. According to a press release, Remedy and Tencent have agreed to discontinue Codename Kestrel and distribute the freed resources elsewhere.

“Codename Kestrel showed early promise, but the project was still in the early concept stage. Our other projects have progressed well and are moving into the next stages of development, and increasing the focus on them is paying dividends. We can reallocate talented Kestrel developers to these other game projects, and the “Many of our support functions have more focus on their operations.”

However, treatment does not give a specific reason to stop. Obviously, the early work looked promising, but they now want to focus on their other projects, which are already more advanced.

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By the way, Codename Kestrel should not be confused with Codename Condor, a subcontrol that is still in the works in Remedy, at least officially. Let's hope Remedy doesn't take a red flag here next and that the downtime is an isolated incident.

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