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The website can now be used with your own domain

The website can now be used with your own domain

Solo is a website builder announced by Mozilla Innovation Studio at the end of last year that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) and a very simple creation process. The website created with this can now be linked to its own domain. It is also possible to purchase a domain directly from Solo at discounted prices.

As part of Innovation Week in December 2023, Mozilla Innovation Studio announced Solo. This is a so-called website builder with a focus on freelancers, which relies on generative AI to make the creation process as simple as possible.

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Since its launch, Mozilla has added some features. I last reported on the innovations in April. With version 0.92, out now, it is now optionally possible to access a website created with Solo not only via the Solo domain, but also via your own domain or subdomain.

For some hosts, Solo can take care of setup automatically. Other than that, the user can also specify manual configuration, where Solo lists exactly the DNS entries that need to be made.

A user can use their own domain for free if they already own one.

Alternatively, you can start the domain purchasing process directly from Solo. Mozilla is working with IONOS for this purpose. Included Promises Mozilla is even offering a “heavy discount for many domains” due to its relationship with IONOS.

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