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Cold sores - what to do?  Safe but annoying infection

Cold sores – what to do? Safe but annoying infection

Anyone who has had cold sores knows this. Itching and burning caused by swollen herpes blisters on the lips. What can you actually do to prevent infection?

The basics in brief

  • Many people carry the herpes virus but do not notice it.
  • When it activates and explodes, it is very uncomfortable.
  • But there are things that can help prevent it.

At first it’s a little nervous and tingling, but soon it starts to close Itching and burning. I Spiegel Then comes the confirmation: full-blown herpes blisters on the face glow. It is most often on a person’s lips, but it can also occur elsewhere.

60 to 90 percent of people in this country carry the virus. However, many do not even notice it. It can spread while kissing or sharing objects. Most often, herpes clears up after vigorous physical exertion or after another infection that weakens the immune system.

Cold sores are harmless, even if they are very boring. Ultraviolet rays, extreme temperatures, colds or psychological stress can activate the virus.

Relax and get enough sleep

Experts adviseTo always get enough sleep, protect the lips, and seek relaxation through self-training in case of great psychological stress. In addition, daily breaks can help prevent herpes outbreaks.

If infection occurs, you should not share cutlery, wash your hands regularly, avoid body contact and Refrain from kissing. This can protect other people who have not yet had the virus.

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