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The committee expects an increase at the beginning of the year

The committee expects an increase at the beginning of the year

At the moment, the situation is much more relaxed than it has been for a long time. The Burgenland area has been turned “yellow” at traffic lights, which means only moderate danger. In addition to Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria, Salzburg and the entire state is orange.

Vorarlberg is currently at the worst value

This means that according to the current figures, only slightly lower than Upper Austria and Carinthia and it is clear that Tyrol and Vorarlberg meet the criteria for classification in the very high-risk red zone. The decisive factor in this is the risk number, which takes into account not only new infections but also the age of those infected and their vaccination status. You’re under 50 in the yellow zone, which Burgenland runs with 45.9. The high-risk orange zone, where Vienna now receives a new company, rises to 100, and above this the high-risk sector begins. Vorarlberg is the worst value with 212.6. Tyrol is not much better in 195.

Downward trend in all federal states

The trend is still declining in all federal states and this is evident. In all counties, too, the number of cases has fallen in the past two weeks and practically everywhere in the double-digit percentage range. In terms of the initial seven-day case number, six districts in Burgenland plus Murau and Kornenberg have now reached the previous magic limit of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. New infections (discovered) were relatively few in Eisenstadt. Still very high, if you consider the imminent arrival of the Omikron wave, the incidence at Vorarlberg is just below 346.

Hospitals are still full

The Traffic Lights Authority warns that due to the fourth wave of epidemics, levels of floor coverings in intensive care and regular wards are still showing such a high level of contamination, that it is decreasing slowly, that heavy renewable driveways cannot be managed “without supply restrictions”. Overburdening the health system is a “realistic risk”.

Estimated number of cases 15,000

Based on the deliberations at yesterday’s committee meeting, it can be assumed that the Omikron variant could become the dominant variant in Austria next week. The simulation showed that a number of cases similar to the peak of the last wave (about 15,000 cases) could occur soon. However, the effects on hospitals remained unclear. Regardless, the latest restrictions decided by politicians are supported.

(Those: APA)

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