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Communication is now also possible in Arabic, Indonesian and Russian – devices

Communication is now also possible in Arabic, Indonesian and Russian – devices

(Excerpt from press release)

  • Arabic, Indonesian, Russian, as well as three additional languages ​​supported by Galaxy AI
  • Samsung is expanding existing language packs to include three dialects: Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French
  • Additional language expansions are scheduled for later this year

Schwalbach / T.S. – April 11, 2024 – Samsung is expanding Galaxy AI with three new languages ​​and three new dialects for existing language packs. With Arabic, Indonesian and Russian as well as three new dialects: Australian English, Cantonese and Canadian French, Samsung is expanding the language portfolio of 13 languages ​​already available1. In addition to these new languages ​​and dialects, Samsung plans to add four more languages ​​this year: Romanian, Turkish, Dutch and Swedish, in addition to traditional Chinese and European Portuguese dialects.

“Samsung is on a mission to make mobile AI accessible to everyone. With the new language extensions, more Samsung users around the world will be able to communicate with each other across language barriers this year,” says T.M. Roh, President and Head of Mobile AI. Mobile experience at Samsung Electronics. “We want to continue innovating our technology and evolving AI experiences on mobile devices to provide more users with the right tools so they can reach their full potential.”

Language extensions support users with the following Galaxy AI functions

  • Live Translate 2 enables voice and text translation of phone calls in real time and in two directions. This can make it easier to make reservations while traveling abroad or chatting with grandparents in their language or dialect.
  • The instant translator feature translates live conversations on an easy-to-use split-screen display. This makes it possible to read a translated text of what the other person is saying in a foreign language.
  • Typing Assistant3 helps you strike the right tone: Context-aware suggestions aim to make sure your communication tone sounds the way intended, even in different languages.
  • Notes Assistant4 creates AI-generated summaries, pre-formatted templates, and cover sheets to increase productivity in users' daily lives.
  • Transcription Assistant5 uses artificial intelligence and speech-to-text technology to transcribe, summarize and also translate audio recordings in Arabic, Indonesian and Russian.
  • Browsing Assistant6 creates concise summaries of news articles or websites and helps users stay up to date.
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Starting in April and in the coming months, new languages ​​and dialects can be downloaded as a language pack under Settings.

1 Supported languages ​​include Chinese, English (India, UK, US), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico, Spain, US), Thai and Vietnamese.
2 Live translation requires you to sign in to your Samsung account. Live translation is only available in the pre-installed Samsung phone app. Downloading language packs may be required for some languages. Service availability may vary by language.
3 Suggested tone feature with Typing Assistant requires a network connection and Samsung account login. The text must meet the minimum length for the function to be activated. Service availability may vary by language. This feature is activated when a translatable language is detected.
4 only for text in Samsung Notes; Requires Samsung account login and internet connection.
5 Copy Assistant requires a network connection and Samsung account login. Transcription Assistant is only available for the pre-installed Samsung Voice Recorder or for files recorded with the pre-installed Samsung Calls app. The voice recording feature in the pre-installed Samsung calling app may not be supported in some countries. The processing time for audio files must be less than 3 hours. The summary function in the Copy Assistant can be activated when a certain number of characters has been reached. Service availability may vary by language.
6 Only available in Samsung Internet app.