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Classic Community Day teaser image in the mobile game Pokémon GO

Community Day in November 2022 guarantees a reunion with Dratini

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to: Daniel Neubert

Pokémon GO: Community Day Classic in November 2022 – take full advantage of the action with Dratini © Niantic / Nintendo

The next Pokémon GO Classic Community Day will take place on November 5th. Famous Pokémon is back.

San Francisco – Community Day November 2022 Pokemon GO It will be very special. Finally, with Dratini, one of the most popular Pokémon of the first generation pays homage, which put the second Community Day under its auspices in February 2018. Since this Community Day is the so-called “Classic” version, there are a few special features that enthusiastic trainers should take into account . In our article, we explain how you can make the most of Community Day. reveals why Community Day is a “classic” and how players can best use it.

The Community Day Classic is based on specific Pokémon that were already in the spotlight on their Community Day in order to allow new Trainers to capture the corresponding Pokémon. The suffix “classic” also refers to a return to earlier community days, for example, there are not as many rewards as in a “normal” community day.

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