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Community Energy – St. Margarethen Regional Electricity

Community Energy – St. Margarethen Regional Electricity

Secretary Hans Kremser, Chairman Philipp Neumann and Vice President Reinhard Rausch (from left) founded the St. Margarethen Citizens Energy Community.

PEG St. Margarethan

DrThe recently launched ‘St Margarethen Citizens Energy Community’ will open access to regionally produced electricity to everyone in the community at the beginning of 2024. The club is currently in the testing phase.

With the signing of the association facilities, the go-ahead was given for the “St. Margarethein Citizens Energy Community”, known as BEG St. Margarethein for short. The president is Philipp Neumann, his deputy is Reinhard Rausch, and the secretary is Hannes Kremser.

“After an extensive preparation phase, we as a founding team are looking forward to the testing phase starting now so that we can open BEG to all citizens at the beginning of 2024,” announced Philipp Newman. The team would like to ensure that both PV system owners and people who do not have their own system have access to renewable, regionally produced electricity. Energy should also be provided to everyone on fair terms.

“The more citizens join our BEG, the cheaper and more beneficial it becomes for everyone. So it’s essential that we provide as much information as possible about the fact that BEG now exists,” says Newman. The separate home page provides everything you need to know. You can Join the community there from the beginning of 2024. Link to the home page: BEG-STM

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