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Computer games: every sixth young person gambles almost every day

Computer games: every sixth young person gambles almost every day

While so-called peer groups were where young people could try things out and compare themselves in school and in their spare time, the whole world is now open to them via social media.’s Youth Internet Monitor 2022 surveyed what platforms are currently popular: More than 95 percent of young people aged 11-17 use Whatsapp and YouTube. Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok are also used by two out of three guys. Discord chat platform and online gaming platform Roblox, which are also used as social networks, are especially popular among young people under the age of 14.

Gender differences

There are big gender differences: Tiktok and Pinterest are more popular with girls. Unsurprisingly, gaming platforms like Twitch and Discord tend to be used more by boys. The only exception is Roblox, which is more popular with girls.

Various studies have shown that social media has a high potential for addiction. A study by Austrian researchers showed that even short-term abstinence of several days can lead to withdrawal symptoms. 90 of 152 participants relapsed within seven days.

In addition to therapists and psychiatrists, family counseling and addiction centers also provide help with problematic use behavior. Lada

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