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Children's book tip: Nelson's latest thriller |

Children’s book tip: Nelson’s latest thriller |

Something happened again in the woods. Mouse Buffy has his worst fear and Inspector Gordon has an idea of ​​his own. The end of a wonderful crime series for the first reader.

It’s a magical crime series created by Ulf Nilsson about a tired old frog and a quick-witted mouse at his side. Over the years, Commissioner Gordon and little Buffy have searched for stolen squirrel nuts, lost young animals, pursued bad rumors in the woods, and tracked down Buffy’s family while eating countless donuts. With great wit and just how much action a first thriller needs, here the boundaries between good and evil (or more often: not so good) are explored here.

Now the last folder with a terrible file has appeared night noise It causes countless animals to gather in the police station. Then the little mouse appears with the greatest courage. Unfortunately, it’s actually the last case of the detective duo, because Gordon’s volume is also Ulf Nilsson’s last book. The Swedish narrator with his warm, thoughtful voice died last year.

Ulf Nelson, Getty Spy: Inspector Gordon, The Final Case. Translated from Swedish by Ole Konneke. 140 pages, €13.40. Age: from seven years old. (Moritz Verlag).

(c) Moritz Verlag

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