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Concern about the natural gas filling station in Rohrbach-Berg

Concern about the natural gas filling station in Rohrbach-Berg

Rohrbach mountain. Concerned about the fate of the Rohrbach region’s only natural gas filling station, reader Joseph Starlinger turned from Obing to Tibbs. Rumor has it it will be closed.

Starlinger bought a new natural gas car two years ago and now claims to have learned that the area’s only natural gas filling station at a BP (formerly Shell) gas station in Rohrbach-Berg would be closed. “If there are no more gas stations in the area, my car and the cars of many other natural gas drivers will be worthless,” he writes.

Continuous testing

When asked by the owner of the gas station, Julius Stiglechner GmbH, he gave the following answer: “All systems are subject to continuous profitability checks, on the basis of which the company makes decisions regarding the closure or continuation of natural gas systems. Of course, these decisions also include our awareness of the special responsibility with regard to supplying this mobility area and its customers. Therefore, we will continue to handle this issue very carefully in the future and integrate all the above points into our strategies.

The concrete answer to the question about the future of gas refueling options, of course, looks different. In the event of a shutdown (according to the deadline of December 31, 2022, source: Statistics Austria), ten cars and two trucks with pure natural gas engines in the Rohrbach area will be affected. There are also 15 vehicles with a bivalent engine. The nearest natural gas filling stations are located in Fristadt and Linz.