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Concert – a big band voice for a church organ

Concert – a big band voice for a church organ

Father Albert Gross and organist Leopold Raab (center) thanked the Big Band Formation Horn, represented by Alexander Zeug, Anika Zimmerl, Barbara Steindl and Roland Gateroy (from left) for the concert in favor of the organ in the parish church.

Robert Cornell

“The Lord be with you!” Roland Gatterwe, head of Big Band Formation Horn, presented the concert in the garden of Horn’s parsonage. To continue after a second pause: “I was going to say Father Albert.” But he was kept more in the background with the unexpectedly large number of visitors, including Mayor Gerhard Lentig, to enjoy the swing shopping with the excellent sounds of the big band under the guidance of Listening to Alexander Things.

“God must be a Big Band fan,” Gatterwe joked about the great summer weather and reminisced a bit when he mentioned his time as an altar boy (“50 years ago — or something!”) and later revised it: “I was even the head altar boy and let him to pay.”

It was he who gave the impetus to this concert in order to raise donations that would benefit the urgently needed and expensive service of the organ in the parish church. With catchy tunes like “Ol’ Man River,” “Pennsylvania 6-5000,” “American Patrol,” or “In the Mood,” handbags were loose and the cash register could also be fattened by Isabella Bucher’s carefully managed buffet. For this, the organist Leopold Raab thanked the big band, which played so well, as well as the visitors, who were willing to donate.

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