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The new King of Pop Harry Styles triumphs at the Vienna Stadium

The new King of Pop Harry Styles triumphs at the Vienna Stadium

Harry Styles let 60,000 people in good night after his concert at Vienna’s Ernst Happel Stadium on Saturday. Ahead, the Briton, accompanied by a great band, completed an amazing two-hour pop concert – soulful, loud, sometimes intimate, entertaining and with a lot of love. It was a triumph for the current King of Pop, with no pyrotechnics or trapeze art, just the power of 20 songs and an artist at his best.

Yesterday, even people unfamiliar with the area could easily find their way to Prateroval, with feathers falling from fans’ gates along the way. This accessory belongs to fans of styles like “Kutte” belongs to the metallic whimsy. The last few meters were lined with barriers, between which hardcore supporters (perhaps mostly pro) of the 29-year-old singer stayed to be the first to enter. And inside, the mood was already high with the Wet Leg playing support working properly, so that the excitement could be felt farther back in Leopoldstadt.

A square walk, a massive, dignified video wall – Harry Styles doesn’t need more physical display items, and that alone sets him apart. He began to “daydream”, loudly but still screaming, just like the next “Golden” battled against the raging mass hysteria. But then Styles invokes a touch of nightclub vibes in the outdated concrete building with powerful vocals and “I Adore You,” drummer Sarah Jones, whose nuances count as the second vocal.

“Our job is to entertain you. I promise we’ll do our best,” Stiles, who can make thousands of throats scream or shut completely with a wave of his hand, announces in his salutation. He kept his word. Enthusiastic, laced with a long, lush solo from guitarist Mitch Rowland, “Matilda,” which Rolling Stone hailed as a “heartbreaking masterpiece,” came off “She,” with cello accompaniment, then a three-minute “satellite” driving. Swinging mobile phone light to dance.

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With “Late Night Talking,” Styles delivered the climax to her first hit, only to practice his private late-night talks with fans. He’s part of the former One Direction member as much as helping to “go out” and dance with the rainbow flag. “Am I gay when 99 percent of men disgust me?” It reads on a young woman’s banner. “To be honest, 99 percent of men disgust me too,” said Styles, himself an arrogant jockey who throws flowers at the audience only to be bombarded with them himself in “Grapejuice.” On the other hand, melons and kiwis were not expressly allowed on the field, especially since there was a risk of throwing the fruit together with “watermelon sugar” (yesterday’s hyperactive) and “kiwi” (yesterday’s last appearance brute brilliant).

It’s “Love On Tour,” and the slogan was already given before the show by the Beatles with “All You Need Is Love” from the can – sung as loudly by the audience as “Treat People With Kindness” later. The messages are clear and important. The fact that the Englishman also has the best pop mainstream of the moment made the concert a great experience – whether the semi-acoustic “Fine Line” called you to the dream or the pyrotechnic hit “Sign Of The Times” and “As It Was” to dread.