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Concert – Mark Bircher lit up the Donauhof Hall in Zwentendorf

Concert – Mark Bircher lit up the Donauhof Hall in Zwentendorf

Michael Grubmüller, Mayor Marion Torok, Mark Bircher, Manny Wagner, Manfred Pichler and Brigitte Karnitcher showed off the scarf for Mark Bircher's new CD.

Maria Knoepfel

ShUnder the slogan “Together Zwentendorf” there was also plenty of music on offer at the grand opening festival.

Friday evening ZWENTENDORF is dedicated to music at the inaugural three-day festival in ZWENTENDORF. While at Rathausplatz outdoors Ronnie W, Cosindula, Mandy tanky And Educated heart He performed, impressing the well-attended Donauhof Mark Bircher With the Styrian harmonica for his mostly female audience. Cultural consultant Manfred Pichler He had a good hand when he invited Mark Bircher to the opening days at Donauhof. This was not the first time the original musician had been present; The hall was full of noise as the Zillertal native presented famous songs and his new program. Mark Bircher came with his guitar mate Manny Wagner from Bavaria was well received, with guests enthusiastically singing, clapping, dancing, swaying, and marching through the hall in lines. Among the many guests was the mayor Marion Turokretired president Hermann Kaufhrerbig boss Joseph Baumgartner, Local councils and sponsors. Not only was Mark Bircher a guest at the Donauhof that day, he also gave a live interview in ORF Studio 2.

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