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Concerts and Readings – The Weitraer Festival “Recreate” will be a dreamy event this year

Concerts and Readings – The Weitraer Festival “Recreate” will be a dreamy event this year

“For me as a filmmaker, the Dreamival is primarily an opposition, rising against obstacles and efforts that make it difficult or even hinder the realization of dreams. The Dreamival is ‘encouraging’. Let’s give dreams a chance,” explains Johannes Wohlmentide. With this new form of re-creation, he wants to let the desire and the dream of recognition and appreciation flow. “This applies to entire nations (such as Ukraine), ethnic groups (such as the Kurds) and billions of individual destinies that we could suspect if we only observed ourselves.”

This year’s events will touch directly on these issues. And they are performed by artists who are living their dream. “Let’s give the dream a chance. We invite you to watch Dreamival 2023, ”the director hopes for many visitors.

This series of events kicks off on August 13th at 7.30pm with a piano concert and reading. “Schubert’s Dream” will be presented by the well-known pianist Florian Krumbuch, who will play three piano sonatas, and Erwin Steinhauer, who will read from “My Dream” by Franz Schubert. The motto for Johannes Wohlmenteunide’s piano recital, which also takes place on 14 August at 7.30pm in the Town Hall, is “Heavenwards”. The director brings a solo program with new songs and new piano music. Christine Lavant, Erica Blohar, and Ramona Kasher will be guests at the Schlosstheater on August 19 at 7 p.m. They will read “Count Stars” as they read. Immediately after that, the concert “Across The Universe” will take place. Erica Blohar and Otto Lechner meet in this tribute to John Lennon. Starting at 8.30pm.

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Tickets can already be booked at [email protected].