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Farmer Looking for a Wife: Eberndorf’s Surprising Approach

Farmer Looking for a Wife: Eberndorf’s Surprising Approach

Shortly before Eberndorfer’s farm week ends Katrin Latsch (34) on RTL gives Mark (29) a riding lesson. “It’s my passion,” Lash said. The last time the Swiss sat on a horse was five years ago. “But I can’t ride,” he said confidently. “But I’ll try for Katherine.” But his “horse” did not do what he wanted. “You don’t have the reins in your hand,” said Lash. And the Swiss answered insolently: “Not with the horse, but with you.” After initial navigational difficulties, the Swiss were able to make headway. “You did well,” said Lach.

Riding lessons
© KK / RTL

The first kiss

While cooking cheese noodles together, according to Grandma’s recipe, the two of them also got a little closer. After Latch shows her ability to creep, and is therefore marriageable, her first kiss on the cheek follows. That is, at the dining table – so to speak, as a small thank you from Mark to his farmer’s wife. “It could be okay with her,” he said. “It melts and it’s a little bolder,” said Lash, who “felt a little hot” after the kiss.

when kneading
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What then?

In the final interview, both of them revealed their affection towards each other. “I liked the Hofwoche a lot. I think I’m a little smitten,” Mark said. Catherine Latch also admitted that she took him to her heart. “He really sympathizes with me.”

Closing talk
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Katrin Lach raises Shetland Ponies and Ragdoll cats. After ATV, I am now involved in “Bauer sucht Frau International” on RTL. But it didn’t completely disappear from the screen. On May 23, another episode of the potential “new couple” will follow.

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