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Conference League: LASK relies on the fuselage team and pilots

Conference League: LASK relies on the fuselage team and pilots

The contemplated goal was only briefly discussed the day before the match in the alternate quarters at the Wörthersee Arena in Klagenfurt. Not only does LASK suffer from infection fears, the coronavirus is not leaving athletes either. With Lukas Grgic and Mamoudou Karamoko, two other professionals tested positive on Tuesday. There are now a total of five representatives who have tested positive. Florian Flickr was able to free himself on Thursday.

“The starting point is clear: with a good result, we want to take a step towards the knockout stage. This is a big motivation and a clear goal,” coach Andreas Weiland said. He has 16 players against the champions of Armenia, three of whom are goalkeepers.

LASK receives Alaschkert

LASK wants to lay the groundwork for promotion to the knockout stage on Thursday on day four of the UEFA Europa Conference League against Armenian club Alaschkert. The last domestic league is currently not only suffering from big problems in terms of sports.

Especially in the defensive department, the staffing level is more than weak. James Holland (Wade) was injured at the start of the week, and Jan Poehler is out due to suspension.

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At the international level, Welland can feel complacent at times – his team can actually be promoted

There are only 13 field players left on the team

The long-injured Yannis Littard is thrown into the deep end. Wieland also noted: If more field players are needed due to injuries, the goalkeeper must also be replaced. With third guard Nicholas Polster (19), a man with a good title is available in case of emergency.

Fourth round

Thursday, 6.45 p.m.:

LASK – Alashkert

Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadium, SR Hakeem / Switzerland

Possible settings:

Lask: Schlager – Flickr, Littard, Lokender, Botzmann – Guijinger, Hong, Mishorl, Reiner – Munchen, Nakamura

alashkert: Cancarevic – Kryuchkov, Cameta, Kadio, Boljevic – Khurtsidze, Grigoryan, Hovsepyan – James, Embalo, Papikyan

LASK won 3-0 two weeks ago in Yerevan. The number of athletes increased in the second half of the match. The fact that there are low strikes again in the league shouldn’t slow down international activity. “We can look forward with a positive outlook when we look at the performance in the Games. Peter Michurl emphasized.

Taking advantage of opportunities as a boring subject

The midfielder once again emphasized the main problem of his team: taking chances. “We have to try to do what we run amongst ourselves.” LASK scored six goals in the three group matches. The German Bundesliga has 12 rounds in 13 rounds.

A victory over Alashkert would also be important in a duel with Maccabi. Because the Group Eight winners of the Conference Tournament are in the Round of 16. The runners-up must play next February’s knockout round against the third round of the European League in order to secure a place in the top 16 round.

Michel emphasized that they want to create a “transformation” in every game. The match against WSG Tirol this weekend was in focus a bit.

Linz – Klagenfurt – Linz by plane

So the trip to Klagenfurt is by charter flight. On match day, the plane takes off from Linz-Hörsching in the morning. The team and supervisors will then be picked up by the team bus at Klagenfurt Airport, and the return flight will take place on match day.

Welland showed an understanding of any criticism of this approach, which is unusual in times of climate policy. However, the shorter travel time is an important advantage for now. “I can understand the debate on this, the environmental issue is a very big issue. But I think that in our current situation it is essential that we can gather all our strength and regenerate well. That’s why I made the decision with this,” said the 38-year-old. method”.

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