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Modern pentathlon jump show has been cancelled

Modern pentathlon jump show has been cancelled

After the scandal in Tokyo, showjumping was removed from the modern pentathlon. Contrary to what was expected, the changes will not take effect until after the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

As the UIPM announced Thursday, on the recommendation of the innovation committee, a “consultation process” has begun in order to find a “appropriate alternative” to the controversial discipline, which has not only been controversial since the scandal surrounding German athlete Annika Schleu.

It is not yet known when the new system will be announced. According to consistent media reports, showjumping will be replaced by a cycling competition.

“The recommendations of the UIPM Innovation Committee stand in the tradition of innovation that UIPM has in its DNA. Over the past decades, our sport has evolved time and time again to meet the changing expectations of the modern world,” said Klaus, President of UIPM Schuermann: “We can truly be proud of what our global family has achieved, Now it’s time to be brave and ambitious again.”

Olympia: The horse-riding drama about Schleu has consequences

Even after the events in Tokyo, the man from Göttingen wanted to stick with the ride, after all, discipline was an integral part of the modern quintet based on the vision of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. but the Disturbing TV pictures obviously caused negative headlinesThat the sport may be threatened with exclusion from the Olympics.

Schuurmann has now spoken clearly in favor of change. “On behalf of the UIPM Council, I urge our global community to embrace change and seize the great opportunity that is presented to us. A new system will revitalize our sport and strengthen the position of modern pentathlon within the Olympic movement.” -Year.

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For showjumping, each athlete was given a horse so far, before riding, the athletes had little time to get acquainted with the horse.

The founder of the International Olympic Committee, de Coubertin, launched the modern pentathlon in 1912. It traditionally consists of archery, fencing, swimming, horse riding and running. Shooting and running are now combined to form the combined system.