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Conference League: LASK struggles with performance despite win

Conference League: LASK struggles with performance despite win

Welland wished to have a “daring look”. Given the recent disappointments in the Bundesliga, where one is only tenth, any sense of accomplishment is of course a refresher for the athletes’ souls. “It was very important to play until zero. Three points is three points,” said central defender Dario Maricic.

This can also be well seen in the table. Like Maccabi Tel Aviv, the leaders of Group A, LASK have seven points, Helsinki three, and Alalashkert zero. Announcing a duel with Maccabi for the group’s victory, which leads with a fixed promotion to the second round. The decision must therefore be made on November 25 during the guest performance in Israel. At least second place will take place in a play-off against one of the two-thirds of the group from the Europa League.

increase after the break

Ahead of the summit, there will be a home game against Alaschkert at the alternative stadium Klagenfurt in two weeks. Anything but another victory would be a surprise, that’s for sure after Thursday’s duel. Even if success faltered in the first half due to the hits of Hong Hyun Seok (35th), Thomas Goiginger (68th) and Peter Michorl (92nd) and only the increase in performance after the break created the necessary clarity.

LASK wins at Alaschkert

LASK celebrated their 3-0 away win over Armenian club Alaschkert. And Linz held out after three games with seven points.

Not least because LASK no longer issues any counter-calls, which the champions of Armenia nearly hit twice, but ultimately failed due to aluminum. As in the league, players and coaches missed a single source performance. “We show the quality in certain stages, but we have to make it more stable and longer to the field,” Welland said. A sentence that could refer to the recent emergence of BL against WAC. In the beginning you had many chances to get off the field as you lost 0-1.

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Wieland is bothered by several things

After the fourth victory of his era (two draws, two defeats), Welland was troubled by several things. “When in possession of the ball, where we are sometimes too short, invite the opponent to press. But also in the game against the ball, where we allow the opponent to excel in play easily, rarely double or join or have room to improve after conquering the ball, to bring balls to areas where it becomes dangerous.” After all, his Armenia players allowed the “ringing” three times, which was the biggest victory under Dominic Talhammer’s successor.

For Weyland anyway, one thing was clear even after the three at Vazgen Sargsyan Stadium in slightly occupied Yerevan: “The situation is tough, we don’t explode with self-confidence,” he said before the duel with table neighbor Altaş. Sunday (2.30 pm), but at the same time he was optimistic: “We don’t need to get rid of. We have to look forward, look more positively to the future, look more courageous.”