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Conflict with tanks: “Important for Ukraine,” Schulz said yes, a military expert

Conflict with tanks: “Important for Ukraine,” Schulz said yes, a military expert

The Czech Republic does not want to give up its Leopard 2 main battle tanks in favor of Ukraine, which Germany promised in the course of the circular exchange. “It is not possible now to send the Panthers because we need these tanks for our security,” said Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala in an interview with German news agency DPA on Tuesday after a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin.

The Czech Republic made dozens of Soviet-designed T-72 main battle tanks available to Ukraine last year. The German government promised the government in Prague 14 Leopard II tanks and an armored recovery vehicle as part of the so-called circular exchange. The first Leopard was delivered last December.

Fiala said this circular exchange is “a very good example of European cooperation”. He hopes the other 13 Leopard 2s promised by Germany will be delivered later this year.

In addition to the Czech Republic, Slovakia will also receive 15 Leopard 2 tanks in the course of a ring exchange from German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall. So a total of 29 tanks will go to these two countries. According to the head of Rheinmetall Armin Papperger, the repair should be completed by the end of March. “These tanks belong to the federal government. They can do whatever they want with them,” Papberger said. star.

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